My name is Tera Wozniak and I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My blog has been evolving since the beginning, but has focused mostly on the nonprofit sector and community. I have been exploring the nonprofit sector and where I fit in it. This blog is my journey through the nonprofit sector and my efforts to promote social entrepreneurship. My whole career is ahead, I am a Millennial looking to shape a great career in the sector. Follow my blog for ideas on creating your own social entrepreneurship, harnessing innovation in the nonprofit sector and promotion of Millennials to stay and innovate in the sector.


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9 Responses to “Welcome”

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Hello there,

As a fellow Millennial, I like your objective of your blog. Thanks for the follow on Twitter, and I look forward to staying in touch!




Hello from alldaybuffet! Seems like we’re pretty likeminded so just wanted to drop a line.

We’re actually throwing a conference this fall all about social innovation and entrepreneurship–thought you might be interested.


Also wanted to share this social media initiative we’re doing for NOLA focusing on the 100 most innovative and world-changing ideas to take root in the city since Katrina.


Would love to know what you think! Bloggers unite!

All the best,

Jerri Chou

Hey Tera,

I seriously love your blog and I wanted to let you know about my organization which seems particularly aligned with your interests. I’m writing to see if you might be willing to put a post on your blog to help The Generation Project–a new charity that I’m heading–win $10,000 without anybody having to donate a dime.

Starting Friday, we’ll be finalists in a contest on ideablob.com, and we’ll win $10,000 if we receive the most votes through August 31st. I’d love it if you could put up some copy and a link to the ideablob page on your site on Friday morning. Here’s the link:


Now, about us:
The Generation Project is a new charity aimed at
1) Expanding the breadth of opportunities available to high-need students
2) Drawing more people–particularly young people–into educational
philanthropy, and
3) Building lasting relationships between professionals from all fields and low-income communities.

Our hook is that we give donors complete creative control over donations to high-need K-12 students. Unlike traditional charities–where you write a check and the organization decides where it should go–The Generation Project lets donors design gifts based on
their personal passions and priorities. So, for example, a musician might give a school drum sets, a military veteran might sponsor an essay contest on freedom, a cancer survivor might sponsor hospital
internships for students interested in medicine. People could replicate experiences that were important to them growing up for kids that don’t have those same opportunities.

Our model is aimed largely at young people. We feel that younger donors want exercise their creativity, not just open their checkbooks. Giving donors creative control will motivate more young professionals to get involved in philanthropy. In the short term, we’ll
dramatically expand the breadth of opportunities available to high-need students. Long term, donors will build meaningful and lasting relationships in low-income communities.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I really wanted to let you know about our organization. Please email me if you want more information. Keep up the good work!

My best,

Jessica Rauch
Co-Founder and President
The Generation Project:
Empower YOUR Vision for the Future

Hey Tera,

I wish you the best on your journey. Although I’m a bit older, I share your sentiments about the importance of navigating career, family and service. I write about the importance of not losing yourself along the way at Beacons on the Frontline. http://www.beaconsfrontline.com

Asia M. Hadley

Hello, I saw your blog and appreciate your sentiments. I think the primary “hype” about “social enterprise” is the fact that people are starting to incorporate the term “social”–which implies an awareness.

Given your posts and topics, I also thought you may be able to help us out. We are trying to raise votes for a social enterprise we are working on. We are currently in second place in a seed funding competition that ends tonight (Friday, 10/31).

Here’s a description of our project: Dream Village uses a combination of picture books and an interactive web portal to educate children about important social, economic, and environmental issues. Best of all, the children choose how to use the proceeds. So with Dream Village, kids learn, interact, and then affect real-life positive change. And here’s where you can vote: http://www.ideablob.com/ideas/3408-DREAM-VILLAGE-Kids-Books-with-

If you like our idea and would like to help us out, we could really use all the votes we can get.


Hey, like your blog and insight. I’m doing a paper on Millenials and was wondering who you went to see that defined Gen Y and Millenials as slightly different.

The presenter was from Not So Basic Training: http://www.notsobasictraining.com/index.php.

I just found your blog and I love it already. I’m in Kalamazoo and I would love to pick your brain sometime regarding all your research, GVSU’s program, etc… I’m a CPA here doing work mainly for nonprofits and I want to expand into other work in the nonprofit sector. Also I would love any tips on networking in the area. I was just very excited when I saw that you were in GR!


If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you:


Hope you find it helpful!


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