My 2009 strategies: So far it’s going okay.

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It’s been a few months since I set my personal and professional strategies for 2009.  As any strategic planning goes there have been some strategies that have worked and others that still need work.  I’ve fortunately only left a couple to collect dust on the shelf.

My personal strategies have definitely come more easily.  I’ve been focusing a lot on balancing the amount of work I do, with the time I spend having quality time with family and friends.   It’s been easier than I thought to take a couple nights off a week to not do any work, although the other days do seem to be more stressful.  My hope is that when I find my balance with my work the stress will lessen.

Finding personal balance. Balance is still a quandary to me.  When 2009 started I thought balance was planning my time better.  In actuality, I am already great at managing my time.  The real change needs to be what I do with my time.  I have been planning around my driving forces.  The process seems to be going well, and I have already come up with ideas for how my personal and work time should and could be spent better. Over the next few months, especially after the wedding, I will be exploring these more and setting my new, more directive, career path.

Getting married. As you may have guessed this plan has been the easiest to achieve, although the road getting their is a little rocky.  In less than a month the plan will be complete!

Setting time aside for personal creativity. I can definitely say my original strategy of drawing more is a little dusty.  I am just realizing I’ve actually been using my artistic creativity, but in other ways.  My creativity has been spent creating wedding invitations, working on logos, and voter guides.  After sitting on a panel in which I discussed my career path, I realized I entered the nonprofit sector to meld my creative side with my work.  Remembering this has helped me feel better about not being creative in other ways, although I am still waiting for time to draw more.

Focusing my civic engagement. My goal was to not taking on any projects outside of my work with the League of Women Voters and YNPN.  So far, I have taken on two.  Yes, that may seem like a failure, but both seem to fit more with the career path I would like to take rather than civic engagement.  This does feel like a little bit of an excuse, but working on social media and citizen journalism projects have made me giddy in the past few months.

Making my blog worth writing for. Okay, okay I have realized that all along my blog has been worth writing for, it just doesn’t look great.  Over the past few months I have been writing and rewriting my personal mission and have put together objectives for what I want my blog to focus on.  After the wedding my plan is to put together a whole new blog, with a lot of the same content, some new content, and a whole new look.  In the interim it is possible you will see some visual differences on this blog.

Completing my masters without going crazy. In a previous post, I discussed my need to take a semester off from grad school.  With all the changes in my life and my increased workload the added pressure of class was just too much.  This strategy will only be on the shelf for a little while though.  My plan is to begin classes again in June, although I am still debating on a major change.  More to come on that.

My professional strategies have gone a little differently than my personal ones.  My personal life seems to be heading in the right direction, but my work life has hit a wall.  All this can be contributed to staffing changes at the Center, changes in workload, and my recent desire to serve more than work on infrastructure.  It is really the great debate in my life right now.  I’m hoping by the end of 2009 my work life will be as blissful as the personal side.

Find balance at work. I have already spoken to this a little bit.  Work has been a tornado since January, and I haven’t had the chance to focus my projects.  Work is starting to slow down now, and my hope is that I can focus some of my projects and make some more time to do some stretch projects using more of my best skills.

Integrate what I am learning in my masters program. Because I took the semester off from class, my course work hasn’t been at the top of my mind.  The integration of work and school continues to be inserting my textbook knowledge of the past into my programs.  My experience seems to be more typical than strategic.  This strategy doesn’t seem as relevant as it did 4 months ago.

Don’t be so hard on myself and don’t take it personally. I can definitely say I am coming close to figuring this one out, although it will always be part of me.  There has been the occasional moment of, “I can’t believe I would do something like that”, but overall I seem to be doing well.  Honestly, I think I may just be to busy lately to worry about taking anything personally.

Stay connected with my growing network. I have been taking this strategy pretty seriously.  I have been exploring other possible job opportunities and building YNPN, both of which mean keeping up with your network.  It has been great getting to know more people in the community, and I hope this continues to expand.

Learn something from each of my coworkers. With all the changes at work, and changes in co-workers, I haven’t been able to make a concerted effort towards learning something new from them.  There has been little lessons here and there, and I have also been working on making sure to ask for advice.  All and all, I think it will work out best to continue to look to them from support.  You learn something new every day, right?

Put my thoughts about nonprofit systems on paper. I have been doing a lot of thinking around my blog, and my place in the nonprofit sector.  Most of my writing and diagramming has been around those two things.  My hope is to start writing more about nonprofit systems in the future, once everything has settled.

I will continue to keep my strategies updated after the wedding.  Between now and then there won’t be much blogging. But be looking out for my Top 10 coming soon!


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