Personal Organization Tip of the Week: Take it one step at a time.

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from Jan Tik

from Jan Tik

In a previous Personal Organization Tip of the Week, I talked about the need to committee to a tactic for a while.  This week I thought it would be important to touch on the fact that when you are trying to get organized you should take the transition one step at a time.

You may not think of becoming organized as a large change in your life you have to take it phases, but it is.  For some people organization is second nature, for others chaos on their desk or in their files helps them function.  No matter which person you are, or if you are some where in the middle, taking your new organization one step at time will help you feel more committed to the new tactic.  Taking it slowly may actually create result in habit

Here’s an example.  Say you have been using multiple notebooks for taking notes and writing down tasks.  You think it is the time to switch to one notebook, but you don’t want to have to switch over all your current to-do lists or notes, or organize them into folders so you can move on.  Instead you can start with all new notes and tasks first.  Begin by getting a notebook you really love and take it with you every where.

Once you have begun taking notes only in one notebook, it is time to tackle to-do lists.  Start by putting all new tasks in one list, I prefer Remember the Milk, but there are many other online options.  There are also paper options.  Use a little trial and error for what works best for you on a small project.

As soon as you start putting all your new to-do tasks you can go back over previous lists to consolidate them to your new list.  Over the passing time you will still have to keep up with your tasks, but now is the time to transfer them over. You should be used to your new task list by now so putting all the old stuff in it won’t be a waste.  Over time you can also slowly organize old notebooks and pamphlets into folders.

This is just one example, but the idea of breaking down the new tactics into steps like this can be transferred to any new organization tactic you want to take on.  Try it next time when you want to add four new ways to organize to your life.  Which one can you do first?  How can you create a habit of doing it?


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