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Personal Organization Tip of the Week: Take it one step at a time.

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from Jan Tik

from Jan Tik

In a previous Personal Organization Tip of the Week, I talked about the need to committee to a tactic for a while.  This week I thought it would be important to touch on the fact that when you are trying to get organized you should take the transition one step at a time.

You may not think of becoming organized as a large change in your life you have to take it phases, but it is.  For some people organization is second nature, for others chaos on their desk or in their files helps them function.  No matter which person you are, or if you are some where in the middle, taking your new organization one step at time will help you feel more committed to the new tactic.  Taking it slowly may actually create result in habit

Here’s an example.  Say you have been using multiple notebooks for taking notes and writing down tasks.  You think it is the time to switch to one notebook, but you don’t want to have to switch over all your current to-do lists or notes, or organize them into folders so you can move on.  Instead you can start with all new notes and tasks first.  Begin by getting a notebook you really love and take it with you every where.

Once you have begun taking notes only in one notebook, it is time to tackle to-do lists.  Start by putting all new tasks in one list, I prefer Remember the Milk, but there are many other online options.  There are also paper options.  Use a little trial and error for what works best for you on a small project.

As soon as you start putting all your new to-do tasks you can go back over previous lists to consolidate them to your new list.  Over the passing time you will still have to keep up with your tasks, but now is the time to transfer them over. You should be used to your new task list by now so putting all the old stuff in it won’t be a waste.  Over time you can also slowly organize old notebooks and pamphlets into folders.

This is just one example, but the idea of breaking down the new tactics into steps like this can be transferred to any new organization tactic you want to take on.  Try it next time when you want to add four new ways to organize to your life.  Which one can you do first?  How can you create a habit of doing it?

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Another sign of a possible split in Generation Y

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In a past blog, I talked about the interesting speculation made by a trainer of a workshop I was in.  The trainer mentioned a possible occurring split of Generation Y into two different generations.   There is still much research to be done on this, and we will honestly not know if there has been any significant generation split until the youngest of Generation Y have turned 23.  I still am keeping my eyes and ears out for signs of this possibly happening.

My workplace has just begun a new program with the help of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and Temple University in Pennsylvania called Encore.  I am going to be a trainer in the program, educating nonprofit professionals about the needs of new volunteers in the sector, specifically 50+ volunteers. During a discussion of the content we want to deliver, we were discussing the needs of each generation and the events that occurred during their formative years.  The discussion brought us to highlight an event that will be significant for individuals under 23 in Generation Y.

The formative years of each generation are between the ages of 16 and 23.  These years are typically the most important in shaping the views and values of each generation.  Generation Y has just begun to surpass these years.  Generation Y begins with individuals born in 1980, that would make the oldest of the generation 29.

Those in the generation between the ages of 23 and 29 have now passed their formative years.  They have experienced the rise of terrorism, school shootings, economic surplus and decline, the life and death of Princess Diana, the Clinton and second Bush presidencies, introduction of social networking, a trophy for everything, and increased teen sexuality, among other things.  Their favorite TV shows have been consisted of family sitcoms and reality TV, and their musical influences have been a wide spectrum of rap, boy bands, pop, punk, and rock.

As a result this generation is technologically savvy, global in their thinking, independent, think they can have anything they want, have a passion for making change, more diverse, and are very productive and confident.  This is obviously an over generalization of the generation, but as a whole many individuals in Generation Y hold some or all of these characteristics, along with a few I don’t have room to mention.

Recently, we have had a momentous event in the United States that has lead me to believe the younger members of Generation Y will hold even more stronger versions of these characteristics, along with developing some more distinct ones.  To relieve the suspense, I will have to tell you the event is the inauguration President Obama.  A fellow Encore trainer mentioned her 18 year old son, and how she couldn’t imagine how this event was going to shape his life.

Think about it, as an impressionable teenager the inauguration may make the idea of doing anything more real to you.  Our first black president was just elected, now nothing can hold us back (accept for the economy).  I am still unsure about how this event will truly shape younger members of Generation Y, but I am quite certain it will have some profound effect.

What do you think, will the inauguration of our new president influence younger members of Generation Y to shape different values from their older counterparts?  Or do you think this event will just further solidify and hone the values the generation already holds?

Are there other events we are seeing that may refocus the values of individuals currently between the ages of 16 & 23?  I am thinking right off hand now that the slowing economy may have a profound affect on younger members of the generation, but that may be a whole separate post!

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