My Professional Strategies for 2009

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from iChaz

from iChaz

In my last couple posts, I discussed my strategic plan for my personal and professional life in 2009.  I have talked about the basis for the plan and my personal strategies.  Now here are my professional strategies.

Find balance at work.

As I already stated before I need balance in my life in general, but I can’t forget about work.  I am already planning my workday more and have been blocking off times to do my work better, but the complete balance is not there.  I need to focus more than ever on prioritization.  In the past, I looked at almost everything as important, burning myself out trying to get everything done.  But with this strategy when I put anything on my to-do list I am going to think about the priority of the task and how it fits in my overall work before giving it a to-do date or priority number in Remember the Milk.

Integrate what I am learning in my masters program.

I am currently working on getting my masters in public administration and nonprofit management.  A lot of my course work informs what I am thinking about daily.  The research I do for class especially meets head-to-head with a lot of the research I am doing for the Nonprofit Good Practice Guide.  Although they connect, I don’t always think about their connection or apply my course work to projects.  This is another short strategy, but its straight and simple, I just need to think about the connections between the two more often.

Don’t be so hard on myself and don’t take it personally.

One thing I have been working on for a while is not being so hard on myself.  I tend to beat myself up over every mistake in a project, but no more!  This year when I receive criticism I am not going to first think, “I should have done it better.”  Well, I could have done it better, but nothing can be done perfectly the first time.  I am going to take the time to ask for thoughts and constructive criticism more often, and apply all that I get from it without thinking it was my problem solely.  Not every mistake I make is a reflection of my personal responsibility, I need to remember that.

Stay connected with my growing network.

Over the past couple of years while writing my blog, attending conferences, and working with YNPN I have begun to gather quite a network.  This year I need to capitalize on those networks by following up more often with each individual I meet.  It’s important for my career development and personal growth to do this, back to the basics. I am also going to try to not be so shy, by taking steps closer to talking to individuals I don’t know at events.  This strategy involves connecting with one person at each event or weekly online, as well as following up with them.

Learn something from each of my coworkers.

I added this strategy for two reasons.  First, to get to know my coworkers’ working styles a little better.  Second, to learn more.  Even though I have worked at the Johnson Center for two years there is still room to get to know each of my co-workers’ work styles a little better.  Learning something new from each of them will allow me to get to know what their favorite tasks are and their areas of expertise.  This strategy will also help me learn!  I love learning, and learning something new from the people you are always around excites me.  It will allow me to connect with them on a different level.  I may also include some or all of my fellow board members to this list this year, but haven’t quite decided on the logistics yet.  I do know that the thing I learn doesn’t have to be monumental.  I could learn how to view my folders in my database differently from one, a new personal organization strategy from another, and how to think differently about leadership from yet another.  The opportunities are really endless, and all I know is that learning something new form the people around me will make this year great.

Put my thoughts about nonprofit systems on paper.

I have many thoughts about the nonprofit sector and the systems of the nonprofit sector.  Although I blog about them, I would like to expand on my thoughts more.  I am going to make an exerted effort to write down thoughts and ideas when they come to me, and take time to expand on these ideas every once in a while.  Classes allow me to focus on specific systems in the sector, but not as a whole.  Expanding and thinking about these ideas will allow me to expand my own mind about the sector, write better blogs, and do better work.  I am also hoping that expanding my ideas about the sector, and researching them more will make me better equiped for future jobs in the sector.

Although my professional strategies are not as extensive as my personal strategies I think they are very much as important.  My personal and professional strategies align and will hopefully recipricate each other through out the year.  The little steps I make in each through my strategies will allow me to expand myself in both arenas.

Now that I have layed out my strategies for both personal and professional development this year I want to hear about yours.  Do you have stories to share about your plans for the year?  Have you blogged about this same topic?  I am hoping we can all support each other in our goals for the year.

Have a great 2009!


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2 Responses to “My Professional Strategies for 2009”

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I like the idea of changing and learning. The world around us changes and we have to change ourselves to make sure that we always stay at our best. It’s important to take the advice of others who are older or more experienced, because it will make learning a lot easier than if we had to figure out everything the hard way.

I would say learning to make goals is one of my biggest personal goals. 🙂

Learning to make goals is tough, but once you have learned it becomes second nature. I am still working on not making goals too far in advance, until after I’ve finished the one’s I have now 🙂

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