Personal Organization Tip of the Week: Block out a work schedule on your calendar.

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One of my favorite topics is personal organization.  Each week, to share my favorite personal tips on organization, I am going to post one for you to try.

With an increased workload I have been forced to prioritize.  And the best way I have found so far is to block out my schedule with specific times to work on different projects.  Blocking out time to work on specific items and setting an alarm for the start of new times keeps me on schedule.

At the end of each week I look over tasks for the next one and set up my blocks of work time for the week.

The schedule isn’t solid.  If a project takes me longer than I thought I rearrange the tasks behind it.  As long as I get everything done on time moving them around is okay.  Caution: Don’t allow your self to move blocks around all too often.  Trying to get a project done with in the shorter time frame allowed will help with procrastination.

Make sure to leave some time in your schedule for checking email and for miscellaneous tasks.  It’s easy to get trapped checking your email as soon as it comes in, but setting a time to check it may keep you from the distraction.  Keeping time open for miscillaneous tasks allows for projects that take more time than expected, and any projects that may come up unexpectadely during the day.  Plus, there are always those tasks that are way down on your list.

Does any one else use this method?  Any other tips for blocking out your day?


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2 Responses to “Personal Organization Tip of the Week: Block out a work schedule on your calendar.”

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Yes! I do the same thing, but get more detailed…I’ll block off an hour for ‘writing,’ ’emailing,’ etc. The more specific I get, the more I’ll stick to it. Sometimes things will waver, but it’s very helpful…I also find myself getting distracted less, with things like RSS feeds and Facebook…I’ll get to those when my work is done!

This is a very common sense tip, but you’ll be surprised at how few office workers actually implement. I tend to be a little less specific and say, “The morning will be devoted to blogging, emailing” and the afternoon to “reading, researching, etc.”. Perhaps I should be a bit more specific so that when I find myself getting in the “zone” I can force myself to stop and concentrate on other things.

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