So, I’m a little hard on myself.

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One of my greatest down falls is I am very hard on myself, and trying judo mind tricks to get myself to relax, just hasn’t been working.

Just the other day I was upset about something (something I can’t control of course) I thought was my fault, when a very wise person said to me:

If you were God and created man you would be crying everyday just because you gave us an appendix that doesn’t work.

A very quick witted comment, extremely obvious, and it made me laugh hysterically, but it also made me think about the stress I get over things I can’t control a little differently.  People don’t need their appendices to live, and if something goes wrong at work or if one of my board activities doesn’t quite happen like I hope, my life is not going to end, my professionalism isn’t going to suffer forever if something little happens (Well unless that little thing is a drunken naked picture of me on facebook in a work tee).

Although I have been getting better about being stressed over the little things., thanks to some amazing people in my life,  I know I still need to work on it and will be looking for new ways to do this.  Any ideas?  Are others this hard on themselves?  I have a feeling a lot of community servers feel the same way or maybe I’m just hoping it’s not me :).

It’s the truth, we can just can’t do everything, and shouldn’t, but I know I don’t want to settle there.   I am proud to be among friends that live in this way, give a lot of themselves for others, but I see and experience how stressful it can be.  We all need to band together, wow I really sound like a Millennial here, and be content sometimes.  We may not save a year in the fight against hunger, but we may save our own health along the way.  What do you say?

I think it’s possible to make real change, with out being so hard on myself and relaxing every once and a while, but it is going to take a lot of work.  Share your stories of contentment, I think I need a little more inspiration and others may too.


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