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Today I am thankful for…

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  • My health and that of my families.
  • For any moment of peace people living in war torn countries get.
  • Various life blessings the Lord has given me.
  • Getting married to the best man I could ask for.
  • The fact that I still have a job, especially living in a state where jobs are hard to come by.
  • That most of my family members still have their jobs, despite working for the auto industry.
  • The nonprofit sector.
  • My trip to Africa and how it has changed my perspective over the last year.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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So, I’m a little hard on myself.

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One of my greatest down falls is I am very hard on myself, and trying judo mind tricks to get myself to relax, just hasn’t been working.

Just the other day I was upset about something (something I can’t control of course) I thought was my fault, when a very wise person said to me:

If you were God and created man you would be crying everyday just because you gave us an appendix that doesn’t work.

A very quick witted comment, extremely obvious, and it made me laugh hysterically, but it also made me think about the stress I get over things I can’t control a little differently.  People don’t need their appendices to live, and if something goes wrong at work or if one of my board activities doesn’t quite happen like I hope, my life is not going to end, my professionalism isn’t going to suffer forever if something little happens (Well unless that little thing is a drunken naked picture of me on facebook in a work tee).

Although I have been getting better about being stressed over the little things., thanks to some amazing people in my life,  I know I still need to work on it and will be looking for new ways to do this.  Any ideas?  Are others this hard on themselves?  I have a feeling a lot of community servers feel the same way or maybe I’m just hoping it’s not me :).

It’s the truth, we can just can’t do everything, and shouldn’t, but I know I don’t want to settle there.   I am proud to be among friends that live in this way, give a lot of themselves for others, but I see and experience how stressful it can be.  We all need to band together, wow I really sound like a Millennial here, and be content sometimes.  We may not save a year in the fight against hunger, but we may save our own health along the way.  What do you say?

I think it’s possible to make real change, with out being so hard on myself and relaxing every once and a while, but it is going to take a lot of work.  Share your stories of contentment, I think I need a little more inspiration and others may too.

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Should all nonprofits be green?

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During a YNPN of Greater Grand Rapids event one of the presenters, Mark Hoffman, asked the question, “Do all nonprofits have to be green?”.

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation just built a new building they are hoping becomes Leed certifiedGrand Valley State University is committed to building all it’s new buildings with Leed certification.  The Grand Rapids Art Museum is the first Leed certified art museum in the country.  These are just three organizations in my small town that are tackling environmental issues, although their missions do not speak directly to their efforts.

But Hoffman wasn’t just talking about organizations that take on environmental issues when supporting other missions.  He was talking about nonprofit organizations serving any effort other than their mission, just because it’s good for the community.

During hard economic times, we see many nonprofits moving towards specifically serving only their missions and nothing else, a good practice in any sense, but more prevalent now.  But why are so many than choosing to bring recycling bins into the office, use recycled paper, and ask employees to car pool, when it may cost them extra money, taking away from their mission.

Okay, the answer is easy, nonprofit employees have long standing values of community benefit.  It makes sense for them to desire to be green, and to encourage people to vote.  It just makes sense now, during this time of great possibility for change to examine the way nonprofits do their work, whether it’s for their mission or extras.

Personally, I think more organizations should become green or encourage voting or take on any other community benefit outside their normal mission, as long as they are supporting and promoting another nonprofit.

What do you think?  Do you think nonprofits need to cut back on any extras?  Do you think promoting this type of collaboration among nonprofits is a good thing?

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