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Millennial Activist on the Road

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One of my friends and I dreamed of hitting the road the summer after graduation to volunteer where ever we could.  We were going to call it Philanthropy on the Road, but time went by and she went off to Mission Year and I settled into a full time job.  We never really had the guts to do it.  Alex Steed does though!

He is not necessarily volunteering, but taking the show on the road to find out how young people, Millennial Activists, are making a difference through social media I had to share his story with you.

Alex is taking his passion for something to the limit and traveling to redefine the use of social media by young people for social causes.  Check out his full story here and help him along the way.

I continue to be amazed by the power and passion of my fellow Millennials.

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Building the relationships between Emerging Leaders & Boards: The first step is to join a few.

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I have had a lot of interest in blogging about boards lately, and have been particularly curious about the relationships many boards have with emerging leaders, and the other way around.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be blogging about ways emerging leaders can get more involved in nonprofit boards, why it is important, and ways nonprofit boards can recruit and retain emerging leaders.

The first, most important piece of the emerging leader/nonprofit board relationship puzzle, is actually serving on boards.

Our work team had a long meeting yesterday to discuss the new leadership trainings we will be holding in the upcoming years, including one for emerging leaders.  In each of the trainings part of the core is learning more effective governance practices.  For emerging leaders it was brought up that they don’t necessarily work with their boards on a regular basis, so how can they learn the skills they need to work with a board in the future, now?

They should join a board.

On the NP2020 blog a while ago, Nicole mentioned four things boards can do for you, including provide you with the opportunity to develop specific skills; the ability to serve a mission closest to your heart; the chance to learn from a skilled director and/or staff; and the opportunity to be part of a great team and build relationships.  These are all important skills needed for your future career.

Serving on a board also gives you the opportunity to develop the skills you will need later to work with the board in your current organization or in any other organization you lead in.  From working on a board you will learn the ins-and-outs of how boards function relationally; how good meetings look; what policies work and don’t work; what committee structures work best; and so on.

Right now, I serve on two different boards, both membership organizations.  I am getting the chance to develop the skills Nicole mentioned before, but have not yet gotten the chance to compare what types of policies, committees, meetings work for what types of organizations.  The challenge for many young nonprofit professionals is to find various board roles that will allow them insight into how different kinds of organizations function in particular situations.

Serving on the board of a couple different nonprofit organizations provides you the chance to develop the skills you need for a sustainable career in the nonprofit community.

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What happened to just do it? I am right now.

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I was just reading one of the many career planning/development blogs that I read pretty much daily, and I again felt overwhelmed by the thoughts of making a goal list or a personal mission statement or planning for my future career.  I decided this must mean something.

I am typically the last person to say this, but THE HELL WITH IT.  Right now I am crazy busy and don’t really have time to create goals for the next year.  Does this make me a bad person?  Does this make me not ready to take on the future?  Does this make me a that Millennial that everyone is talking about?


At some point you just have to take a moment and work on what you are doing now.  I spent most of my college career and the past 2 years working on where my future is going.  And beginning right now, right this minute I am going to do just what I am doing now and not think about the future past my wedding day on April 25, 2009.  I am going to trust that the planning I have done so far has brought me to where I need to be.

Right now, I am going to blog, class, League, YNPN, wedding plan, and work.  All of these things I have put in place to create a future for myself, and right now I am going to just do them and not worry about setting long term goals until I am done with my masters and until I am married (that just brings on a whole new life).

I am not going to make a personal mission statement, I know what I stand for right now.

I am not going to write down a bunch of goals to reach by the end of the year, I know all of them already.

I am not going to examine every opportunity based on where it will get me in the future, I am going to do what is right for me right now.

I feel secure where I am right now and instead of worrying about what I am going to do after my masters, what next job I am going to have, or what board I am going to be on next, I am going to just live for what I am doing right now.  I don’t have to have my entire life planned before it happens.

Woot!  Just writing this post makes me feel better.  I challenge all of you who read this, and whom aren’t in a transitional period (I am lucky to be in a stable spot right now) to stop thinking so far ahead just for a moment. I think it’s going to be a glorious next few months!  What do you think?  Is it all possible?

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