Consider my thoughts.

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During a webinar on the recently released report, Ready to Lead? Next Generation Leaders Speak Out, one older caller asked “What is one thing Millennials want, to feel better at work?”.  The first thing that popped into my head was “Ask for my opinion, and when you do at least consider it.”

I can’t speak for all Millennials, but I know I don’t know everything, but I think I have a tendency to think outside the box and sometimes I do have good ideas!

It is almost hard for me to write this post, considering over the past year or so I have been working on gaining my confidence in my career, but I think if my opinion was validated sometimes I may feel better about the ideas I do have.  And in the end gain the confidence that will make me a better employee where ever I end up.

I am sure through out my life I will have many very bad ideas, many that kind of work, and some that are actually a home run.  For now I would just like some of my thoughts to be listened to.

I have heard from other Millennials that feel they are not being validated in the workplace by their older peers either.  It is hard to gain their trust and as soon as one little mistake is made you feel like you have to start all over.  Don’t get me wrong I have some older peers that would love to hear what I have to say and trust me to get things done, but there are always those few that I don’t feel validated by.

For now all I want is to be part of the conversation.  Joining the conversation not only helps me to feel a little more confident in my work, I will also be learning from the problem solving minds of others. 

Although it may seem like jumping through hoops sometimes, it is also important for younger staff members to put themselves in the situations where they can be part of the conversations.  We have to prove ourselves & gain trust.  Everyone has to prove themselves at some point and we can’t always believe everything will be handed to us.  We have to work for it!

Millennials may enter the workforce with confidence, but our older peers don’t always see us in the same way.  Now are the formidable years for our generation, and we have to make the most of them and prove that we can run these organizations some day.

To my older peers I would like to say, “Just ask me.”


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