I wish I had my cat’s persistence.

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Every morning we wake up to mews, loud mews, that persist on-and-on through the morning until Lucy (that’s our cat) gets fed. She repeats her ritual when we get home from work until she gets fed again. She knows when it’s her time and she let’s us know until we feed her. Lucy also plays fetch and when she wants to play she brings us her mouse toy, rubber band or milk ring, and places it by our side. If she can’t get it up on the couch she tries again, if it drops, she tries again until it is laying still on the couch for us to throw. She never gives up.

This morning as she was meowing to wake me up and feed her, I was thinking, man I wish I had her persistence. There are actually two things I can learn from her.

  1. Be persistent, never give up. This doesn’t mean run around yelling until someone acknowledges you, but being persistent in reaching your goals is definitely a good lesson. If your milk ring falls off the couch or your human just isn’t paying attention to you, try to do it another way. It is important that as we are trying to prove ourselves to our bosses or to the nonprofit sector in general we keep on trying, even if it takes us three times taking on a new task or continually taking on the tasks no one else wants to do. As an emerging leader it is important to keep on building your skills and taking on stretch assignments at work. And never give up, because your time will come.
  2. Wait until its your time. Commonly, Millennials want to have the best now. I know it was a lesson I had to learn. It’s hard walking into an organization ready to lead and take on new exciting projects and not being able to do either. Although we are ready to take on the world we sometimes have to put our time in. I have recently come to terms with this and have been using every experience as a learning experience and another task that will help me grow. It is important to keep on persisting in your organization and doing everything you can to get ahead, but when its your time make sure they know it. When your employer finally gives you that one task you have been waiting for, blow them out of the water. Lucy doesn’t just mew a little, she really let’s us know it is her time.

These lessons from the cat are important to any Millennial. We must work for what we want, be persistent, and when it’s our time we have to show them we can do it.


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