I have an idea, where do I put it?

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Every day a thousand ideas, well at least it seems that way, run through my head. I am one of those people that just cannot shut their brain off. I am actually really lucky to be able to sleep at night.

So while working, during class, while watching TV, while reading a book, if I get a new idea or am randomly thinking about a project I always have to write it down.

A pen and paper aren’t always handy, but when there is some handy I find it easiest to write it down and then compile all my random thoughts a couple times a week.

I have one notebook where I like to write down notes during meetings, or in class, or while reading. This has helped me immensely. I have been able to keep all my thoughts in one place, instead of ten random notebooks, one for each group or project, and its small enough I can take it anywhere.

After writing them all down and either bookmarking websites, or putting them in my BackPack I have to take the time to go through them and decide what is important to do first and what to put on the back burner. You should see the list of books I need to read, but have yet to organize.

In my to do lists I have found the easiest way to keep track of priorities is to list them as Do Today, Do Tomorrow, Do Eventually.

Here’s an example of what my pages look like. This is my Interesting-Check it Out Page.


Although I don’t always get to the do tomorrow, or do eventually lists, I do sometimes move things up and it is gratifying when that happens.

I have tried other methods to stay organized with no avail. There is technology to be able to send your self a reminder, or online personal assistants, but I keep finding the best way for me is to go back to the good ole pen and paper and To-Do lists. There is something gratifying about having a list of stuff to check off and paper around an idea to expand it.

My next step is to decide whether or not to keep a written calendar again and not use my phone, that one could be hard though, there could be just too much whiteout involved!!

What are your favorite organization methods for ideas and To-Do lists?


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3 Responses to “I have an idea, where do I put it?”

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Tera, crazy timing as usual… this morning I had another idea for a nonprofit-y/civic engagement kind of thing and immediately wondered, “Ok, where am I going to start consistently putting this stuff?” I appreciate your suggestions here and will look into Backpack.

Dare we actually schedule a brainstorming meeting like we keep talking about? šŸ˜‰

If your ready I am!

I tend to use RememberTheMilk and Jott for the majority of my ideas and to-do lists. I’m not opposed to a paper list for some of my shorter term ideas though.

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