African Christmas

Posted on December 25, 2007. Filed under: Community |

It’s 5 am and I am awake…ugh! I can’t sleep, it must be excitement or nerves that I will be traveling across the state in a couple of hours to spend Christmas with my boyfriend’s family for the first time. Or it could be anxiety that I still have four more parties to go to and little time to move this week, which I have to have done by Monday 😦  So either way I have a lot to do, a lot of family to see, more presents to open, and more laughs to have. All of this makes me think about my friends in Africa that are in the middle of their Christmas afternoon and many who are unable to celebrate Christmas like I will today.

My friends in Africa aren’t thinking about the million parties they have to go to, or moving because they don’t have these luxuries. I am blessed in this world to have these things.

I can imagine they woke up this morning on a special day for, to go to church and celebrate Jesus’ birth. They are grateful to be alive and to know him. After church they may have a little more for dinner, but that will be the only thing special for them. There will be a few families that are a little more well off that will be able to have a larger meal and maybe presents, but that isn’t the first thing on their mind.  Most families will go on with the day like it is any other, but with an extra church service.

To my friends in Africa this day is about Jesus’ birth, not about Santa Claus and presents. All though they may wish they were blessed with money to be able to have these things, they are forced to live with out. And really I don’t think they care, because they have their life and they have Jesus.

In America some people include giving to food banks and clothing drives during Christmas, because they want everyone to have a great Christmas. I feel the same way…everyone should have a joyous day today…everyone should be healthy enough, happy enough to celebrate today, but its not about being able to give each other presents or have a huge meal. Christmas is about celebrating Jesus, about spending time with those you love, because they are with you another year, because you are able to.

We should all take a lesson from the African’s who are not letting the fact that they don’t have any presents to give to their children or only have one extra chicken to eat today, bother them. They are all celebrating and celebrating together. Maybe taking a little extra time today to speak with those they haven’t spoken to in a while or helping out their neighbor.
I can’t wait to celebrate with my family and friends today, I have already been able to celebrate so much, and I will be celebrating in spirit today with my friends in Africa…hopefully not forgetting to thank the Lord for all that I am able to have and to really remember what Christmas is about.  Merry Christmas everyone, I hope everyone in the world has a great day today, no matter what they celebrate.


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