The Historic Third Ward

Posted on November 4, 2007. Filed under: Book |

The book The Historic Third Ward, written by Thomas J Hammer, is a graphic novel that lays a scene in Milwaukee Wisconsin of “liberalism gone wild”.

A work of pure conundrum, the unidentified author(s) remake Wisconsin into the vanguard of an ultra-socialist state. Written in a style of heavy-handed simplicity, key characters vacillate between their identities vs. those imposed by the new order. The authorities constantly ask, “Are you doing all you can do?” to help those less fortunate, whether they want help or not. People of capitalistic leanings disappear in the night with the implication they went to California to pursue their hedonism. Finally all non-socialists are driven into the confines of the Historic Third Ward to be scrutinized via thousands of live video feeds. Ostensibly, this book points to all the foibles of liberalism gone wild; however, it may also be viewed as a parable of the ease in which panic and fear were used to create our current world situation.

He takes his novel beyond the pages and has created a Web site. On his Web site you can purchase a Capitalist Cap or some Social Citizen Overalls. Also, check out the site for a glimpse at his novel or to order your own.

His novel is an extreme look at what would happen if we allowed the Social Citizens to take over and if we completely secluded the Capitalists. It is vital for us to live happily together in the same world, while still doing what we love to do.


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