Importance of Social Entreprenuership

Posted on November 2, 2007. Filed under: Nonprofit, Social Entrepreneurship |

A blog titled “An Entrepreneurial Mind” on the Belmont University Web site recently featured Social Entrepreneurship as a modern, increasingly involving part of our business and nonprofit sectors, part of our society.

Professors from Syracuse University visited the Belmont University campus and during their campus-wide discussion they talked about the emerging field of social entrepreneurship.

One of the speakers, Dr. Arthur Brooks, defined social entrepreneurship,

“Process of creating value by bringing together a unique package of resources to exploit an opportunity, in pursuit of high social returns. “

Dr. Brooks believes that it is “reflective of American society” for us to be partaking in small informal organizations, ones that are not yet nonprofits, that focus on social initiatives.

These small, grassroot Social Entrepreneurships are vital to American Society. In modern times we have described professionalism, industry and business as the important aspects of American Society. But, I don’t want us to forget our roots.

Social Entrepreneurship, as Dr. Brooks stated, allows us to pursue “high social returns.” It is important to focus on community and socialism in order to make larger industries work, and in order for us to live in a social, positive world.

Social Entrepreneurship will continue to be important in our ever growing society.  There are many large nonprofits that have started out as grassroots social initiatives.  Some of them have forgotten their roots and are becoming more corporate.

It is tough to reach a balance between important social initiatives (entrepreneurships) and the “corpratizing” of nonprofits.  But it is important that we find that balance.  It is important to be professional, but forgetting your roots of social entrepreneurship could turn the unique nonprofit sector into another business sector.


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