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More than you Ever Wanted to Know about this Blogger

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Rosetta from Perspectives from the Pipeline tagged me on this, so I thought I’d take a stab at it. If you haven’t checked out Rosetta’s blog you have to. She is a wonderful, very knowledgeable women and you can all learn a lot from her.

These were the rules I have to follow, but I am cheating and only doing part 🙂 :

1) Post these rules before you give your facts
2) List 8 random facts about yourself
3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them
4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged

Now the Facts:

1. I graduated in December 06 with a BS degree in Public and Nonprofit Administration from Grand Valley State University.

2. Some of my greatest passions are Civic and Community Engagement. The more people participating at every level of the community the better off the community. This means voting, donating, helping a neighbor, recycling and much more.

3. I looove ice cream! Cheesecake and anything chocolate are my favorites. Ice cream solves most problems for me.

4. I have been to India only once and want to go back many times. India is just so bright, busy and full of excitement and wonderful people. I am now obsessed with Asian culture in all countries and hope to visit more. I may be going to Cambodia soon and can’t wait!

5. I also have a life long dream of visiting Africa. Again it comes down to community and culture. The sense of community in some small African communities is just amazing. And I hear there are some great people that everyone should meet. I want to hear all their stories.

6. I am planning on going to Law School in about a year. I need to fulfill my love for learning and working with public policy and nonprofits.

7. I love Grand Rapids and really all of Michigan for that matter. I have been wanting to move out of the state for ever, but every day it gets harder and harder. There are some wonderful people here and great places to visit. You all should consider moving to Michigan if you don’t live here already. Don’t be fooled by the rumors of our state failing, there are some passionate people here that won’t let that happen.

8. Lastly, but not least. I love to draw. I do mostly still-lifes in graphite and charcoal, but I like to experiment with different things, usually photography is one of those!! Drawing for me is a great stress reliever and a way for me to express my emotions.

If you want to participate in this fun little activity, copy and paste the rules on your own blog, and let me know, so I can find out about all of you who are reading!

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Emerging in the Nonprofit Sector

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Lately, I have been pretty pessimistic about working in the Nonprofit Sector, but after participating in NP2020 I have become more hopeful. There were emerging leaders from across the country in attendance and each one brought new ideas and hope for the sector.

Over all, I saw that I was not alone in being pessimistic about the future of the sector. A lot of attendees were, but in the end I got the feeling that it may have changed for everyone.

In various sector positions, I have come across managers that not only have trouble managing, but training their staff and successors. It is hard being an emerging leader going out into the sector ready, in a sense, to save the world and being knocked down by a manager that does not seem to want to give you the help you need or not being mentored by more experienced staff members. My experiences over the past few years have lead me to believe the more experienced staff members in the sector were hardened and only cared about themselves.

In reality, they are all over worked like the rest of us, and do not always have time to mentor or the money to give out for professional development. My mentality as a Y-er did not help either. I was going out into the world thinking everything would be handed to me, but things have changed.

I now know that if I want it, I have to go out and get it, and not let overworked or bad managers deter my efforts. Older generations had to do the same thing. Great professionals seek out mentors from all different arenas and make connections with their peers for support.

Looking to my peers allows me to learn from others experiences and lean on them for advice. This does not mean I still do not need mentors that are more experienced, though. Having a great connection with some one who has been in the sector a long time is something every young leader needs.

Talking with more experienced leaders has opened my eyes to the fact that they have trouble working with us too. There are a lot of barriers that need to be knocked down before older generations and younger generations are going to be able to work together better.

We all want, and know we need to, work together for the greater good of the sector and our passions, but we do not all know how to do that. Each of us can take small steps, like seeking out our own mentors and professional development, to help sector become better for all of us.

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