Virginia Tech Heroes

Posted on April 18, 2007. Filed under: Civil Society, Community |

In the face of the horrible massacre at Virginia Tech there are heroes to remember. The TODAY Show featured a few heroes today on the show. Matt Lauer makes a compelling point of naming the heroes from that day and another asking the question ‘would you do the same?’. That question is something we should all ponder.

Today in America and around the world there are more and more natural disasters and tragedies of huge proportions. In each event there is always a hero or two. So why isn’t everyone a hero? Why do some people run, while others stay behind to help?

I don’t think we could ever answer these questions fully, but I know they both have to do with human nature. Personally I would like to hope I would stay behind in help, but I haven’t reached a situation like that. So what do I do to make sure I am not a running coward in the face of danger, when I am fully able to help someone else?

I think this mentality starts with every day acts of kindness. Helping out an elderly person get out a door or carry groceries, or picking up something for someone with their hands full, or holding the door open for the person behind you. Getting in the habit of committing acts of kindness every day, may put you in a greater chance of helping someone in need when it really counts.

I certainly don’t want to be the person standing on the sidewalk, while somebody runs out in front of a car next to me. It may have just taken a step to the right or a grabbing of an arm, to save them.

I am inspired now to challenge myself to be the heroic person, not just when it really matters, but every day. I hope others are inspired too.

Lets pray for all the victims of the shooting, but let’s not forget those that risked or lost their lives to save others at the same time. Thank you all you heroes at Virginia Tech!


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